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Almost the whole of former parish of Kinnaird (known as Cuikston before 1606) was subsumed into Farnell in the late 18th century, the rest being transferred to the parish of Brechin.

Please also visit the page of general information applicable to all of Angus & Kincardineshire.

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Arms of James Carnegie, 6th (9th) earl of Southesk, lord Carnegie of Kinnaird & Leuchars
[Wm Fraser, History of the Carnegies, Earls of Southesk ..., i, p. ciii]
Some of the earls used arms with a field Or rather than Argent, or omitted the covered cup
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OPROld Parish Registers of Births/baptisms, Banns/marriages & Deaths/burials (pre-1855)


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Kinnaird Castle by Brechin

Kinnaird Castle from the south-west


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See Geograph.org: Farnell - recent photographs of Farnell. National Grid ref. NO6255.


Farnell parish church

Located at National Grid ref. NO627554. Built 1806. The mediaeval church was dedicated to St Ninian and its priest was ex officio Dean of Brechin.

Farnell Church

Farnell Kirk

Above: Farnell Kirk

The former parish kirk of Kinnaird stood at NO627568, which is now within the private Kinnaird (Southesk) Estate.


Parish ministers of Farnell 1560-1950

adm.: admitted, ass.: assistant, bapt.: baptised, contr.: contract, dem.: demitted, dep.: deposed, ind.: inducted, lic.: licensed, mar.: married, min.: minister, ord.: ordained, pres.: presented, rel.: related, res.: resigned, suc.: successor, test.: testament, tr.: translated

John Meldrum1567-1573reader & vicar
Thomas Shewan1573-1588pres. to vicarage 2 Sep 1573 on death of John Meldrum; reader 1573; still in office 1588
James Thornton1577M.A.; parson & vicar; d. bef. 24 Nov 1577
James Nicolson1577-1581son of James N., writer; pres. to the deanery of Brechin 4 Nov 1577; pres. to the parsonage and vicarage 24 Nov 1577; d. bef. 20 Nov 1581
Dugald Campbell1581-1633M.A. Glasgow 1579; pres. to the deanery of Brechin and the parsonage & vicarage of Farnell 30 Nov 1581; d. bef. 8 Jul 1633, aged ca. 76; mar. (1) 1599 Margaret Kinnaird, wid. of John Carnegie of Easter Fithie; (2) Kath., dau. of John Makure, tailor, burgess of Edinburgh; issue: Dugald; Margaret (mar. James, son of John Machen, burgess of Montrose)
David Carnegy of Craigo1633-1672b. 1595, son of David Carnegy of Cookston & Unthank; M.A. Kings Aberdeen 1618; adm. to 2nd charge Brechin 1631; pres. 8 Jul 1633; one of the 2 chaplains of the Maisondieu, Brechin; d. 1672; mar. (1) Helen, eldest dau. of David Lindsay of Dunkenny, bishop of Edinburgh; issue: David, physician; James, 2nd of Craigo, min. of Barry; Robt; Agnes (mar. Robert Paterson, principal of Marischal Coll.); mar. (2) Helen Stewart; no issue
John Lammie of Little Fithie1673-1680prob. bro. of Silvester Lammie, min. of Glamis; M.A. St Andrews 1617; tutor & servitor to James marquis of Montrose 1628-9; ord. to Maryton 26 May 1642; tr. & adm. Mar/May 1673; d. 21 Jan 1680, aged ca. 82; mar. Kath., dau. of Alexander Lindsay of Canterland; issue: John, min. of St Cyrus; Helen; Margaret (mar. Alexander Arbuthnot, min. of Arbuthnott); James
George Haliburton1680-1682bishop of Brechin; pres. 21 Jan 1680
Henry Lindsay1682M.A.; tr. from Brechin & adm. bef. 15 Jan 1682; tr. to Dunnichen same year
Charles Carnegie1684-16945th son of Sir Alexander Carnegie, 1st of Pitarrow; regent, St Leonard's Coll., St Andrews; pres. 1682; adm. 15 May 1684; D.D. St Andrews 1685; d. Jul 1694, aged ca. 38; mar. 1685 Barbara, dau. of George Martin, min. of 2nd charge, Dundee; issue: Robert, B.A. 1703 M.A. 1706 Oxon; M.D.; James; Alexr, merchant, London; Magdalen (mar. John Mudie of Arbikie)
Andrew Geddie (Geddes)1703-1716son of Patrick G., min. of Balmaclellan; M.A. Edinburgh 1688; ord. to Dairsie FIF 3 Mar 1696; tr. & adm. 5 Oct 1703; dep. 22 Feb 1716; Jacobite; mar. Christian Duncan, wid. of Wm Chaplain; issue: Helen, Anne, Mary, Barbara
David Fergusson1716-1751ord. 4 Oct 1716; d. 14 Aug 1751; mar. 1721 Anna, dau. of John Russel, merchant, Edinburgh; issue: Margaret; Jean; David, min. here; Janet; Anna; Kath.; Eliz.
David Fergusson1751-1793bapt. 17 Sep 1724, son of above; ord. (ass. & suc.) 25 Jul 1751; d. 4 Dec 1793; mar. 1755 Janet, dau. of Thos Mitchell, min. of Aberlemno; issue: David; Mary (mar. John Bruce, min. of Forfar); Anne; Margaret Turnbull; Thos; Patk; Andrew, min. of Maryton; Kath.
James Wilson1794-1829b. 28 Oct 1756, son of Geo. W., min. of Kinnaird; M.A. Marischal 1772; ord. to Maryton 24 Jun 1778; tr. & adm. 24 Sep 1794; d. 18 Oct 1829; mar. 1797 John [sic], dau. of Sir William Nicolson of Glenbervie, bart.; issue: Helen Milne (mar. David Smith, schoolmaster here); Anne (mar. Robert Badenoch of Arthurhouse, M.D.); James; Geo.; Mitchell [f.]; Eliz. Margaret; Marion Milne (mar. Thomas John Bremner of Glassaugh)
Alexander Douglas1827-1833ord. (ass. & suc.) 22 Jun 1827; d. 28 Jun 1833 unmar.
Henry Brewster1834-1866b. 28 Sep 1806, 2nd son of James Brewster, D.D., min. of Craig; ord. 16 Jan 1834; d. 1 Dec 1866 Farnell; mar. (1) 1837 Jane Valentine, only dau. of David Leighton of Bearhill; mar. (2) 1865 Mary Clark, wid. of James Burnett
Alexander Ogilvy Hood1864-1873b. 31 Oct 1839 Hatton of Eassie, son of David H., farmer; ass. here; ord. (ass. & suc.) 22 Dec 1864; res. 12 Sep 1873 and from ministry; d. 1 Mar 1905 Funchal, Madeira
Thomas Alexander Cameron1874-1922b. 1842 Kirkmichael BAN, son of John C., contractor; schoolmaster Kingussie INV; ass. St Mungo's Glasgow; ord. to Dunnichen 11 Jan 1872; tr. & adm. 19 Feb 1874; d. 1 Dec 1922 Edinburgh; mar. (1) 1872 Jemima, dau. of Lieut. James Clarke, 42nd Foot and wid. of Grigor Stuart, min. of Kingussie; issue: Thomas Macpherson Bruce Gardyne; Mary Rose (mar. Hugh McCalmont McGildowny); mar. (2) 1887 Mary Jane Lyon
Ivo Macnaughton Clark1912-1950b. 12 Jul 1883 Aberdeen, son of John C., shoemaker; M.A. 1904 B.D. 1908 Ph.D. 1926 Aberdeen; ass. Inverness High; ord. (ass. & suc.) 22 Nov 1912; d. 1950 Aberdeen; mar. 19 Jul 1930 Margaret Donaldson, only dau. of James Hanton, Brechin

Parish ministers of Kinnaird (formerly Cuikston) 1597-1772
Kinnaird was divided between Farnell and Brechin on 9 Dec 1772

John Wemyss1597-1659[?]pres. 19 Apr 1597; opponent of episcopacy; father of the Church 1658; d. 1659?
John Ogilvie1601M.A.; min. of Cuikston and Kinnaird 6 Jan 1601-2 [presumably error for 1601] in succession to Archibald Sibbald [?]; dep. 3 Mar 1601
William Pierson (Pearson)1659-16634th son of David Pierson of Lochlands, Arbroath; called (to be ass. & suc. to John Wemyss) Nov. 1658; ord. 31 Mar 1659; tr. to Paisley RFW bef. 29 Oct 1663
David Rait1664-1676son of Wm Rait, min. of Mains; M.A.; adm. 1664; d. bef. 2 Feb 1676, aged ca. 73; mar.; issue: Jean, Helen, Henry, Wm, John
John Dall (John Daw)1676-1698M.A. St Andrews 1663; chaplain to laird of Dunninald, par. of Craig; adm. 28 Sep 1676; d. 1698, aged ca. 55
Alexander Wilson1701-?son of John Wilson of Whytecroft; M.A. St Andrews 1653; adm. to Elie FIF 8 Jun 1678; dep. 8 Sep 1689; intruded at Fern; intruded here bef. 17 Apr 1701; mar. 1666 Janet Weems; issue: Andw, Edinburgh apprentice
Francis Rait?-1711son of John Rait, min. of Inverkeilor; tutor to master of Kinnaird; intruded here, but left bef. 6 Apr 1711; Jacobite; dep. 31 Jul 1717; had illegal [episcopal] meeting house at Brechin 1726
John Smith1716-1723M.A. Marischal 1700; ord. 5 Apr 1716; d. 22 Sep 1723
Andrew Knox1724-1748M.A. St Andrews 1712; teacher, Brechin Grammar School; ord. 9 Apr 1724; d. 25 Feb 1748, aged ca. 54; mar. 1726 Marjory Glasford; issue: John, Andw, Stuart
George Wilson1748-1772son of Patk Wilson in Mill of Auchry; ord. to Edzell 25 Apr 1744; adm. 5 Oct 1748; d. 30 Jul 1787; mar. 1747 Ann, dau. of William Burnett of Criggie, & sis. of Thos B. of Leys, bart.; issue: Mary; Margaret; Eliz.; James, min. of Farnell; Kath.


Monumental inscriptions

Monuments in Farnell Kirkyard (ca. 70 stones) bearing pre-1855 information are listed in Alison Mitchell (ed.), "Pre-1855 Monumental Inscriptions in Angus, Vol. 1: Strathmore" (Edinburgh: Scottish Genealogy Soc., 1993), which can be bought from the Scottish Genealogy Society. (It's listed as "Angus MI - Vol. 1. Pre-1855 Strathmore" in their online shop.)

That volume also lists 10 monuments in the kirkyard of the former kirk of Kinnaird and 6 inscriptions in the burial vault at Kinnaird of the Carnegies of Southesk.

Andrew Jervise recorded some monuments at Farnell in his "Epitaphs & Inscriptions", vol. 1, pp. 89-95.

The following is a partial listing of the monumental inscriptions in Farnell Churchyard. [M1], etc., indicate Mitchell's numbering. Uncertain readings are in parentheses, (); parentheses on the stones are replaced here by braces, {}; square brackets enclose editorial comments.

Photographs of any of the inscriptions listed below will be supplied on request by e-mail, insofar as I judge it possible to obtain them. The photos will be 2304 pixels by 1728 pixels, and approx. 850 kilobytes in size, taken in good lighting to show the inscriptions rather than the whole monuments. Please be prepared for a considerable delay in sending photos.

[p1521], etc., indicates that I already have a photo of the monument; the links on this page are to photos reduced in size to 576 x 432 pixels.

[p2483] In loving memory of DUNCAN McNIVEN farmer, Willanyards who died 3rd June 1940 aged 79 years. And his wife JANE GOODLET FERGUSON died 22nd October 1961 aged 84 years.

[p2484] small shield at foot of preceding stone] In loving memory of GEORGE MACDONALD husband of CATHERINE HOOD died 26th April 1934 aged 30 years.

In loving memory of AGNES CHRISTIE MYLES wife of CHARLES M. DENHOLM, who died 19th April 1929 aged 42 years.

[small cross] JOHN MYLES DENHOLM born 29th Oct. 1918, died 21st Jan. 1924

[p2485] In loving memory of SUSAN AIR who died at Stracathro 1st April 1947, aged 68 years. Also of her niece ELIZABETH GRAY RITCHIE who died at Little Carcary 27th July 1926, aged 14 years. Also AGNES ORMOND AIR who died at Stracathro 11th April 1972, aged 87 years.

Erected to the memory of THOMAS B. MACDONALD who died 29th Jan. 1925, aged 76 years. And of his wife MARY STEWART who died 11th July 1932, aged 76 years.

In loving memory of ALEXANDER FRAIN beloved husband of ANNIE MOIR who died 19th November 1924 aged 57 years. His wife ANNIE MOIR late of North Lodge Kinnaird died 2nd July 1950 aged 81 years

Sacred to the memory of ARTHUR THOMPSON DAWSON, who died at Kinnaird, 3rd Sept. 1921, aged 77 years. Also his wife SARAH NICHOLLS, who died 4th Feb. 1927, aged 76 years. And their daughter MAY, who died in Forfar, 20th Jan. 1933, aged 49 years.

[cross] In loving memory of CHRISTIAN McLAREN wife of DONALD FLETCHER born at Dundurn St. Fillans, 17th January 1864, died at Powmill 16th June 1917. And DONALD FLETCHER born at Loch Don, Isle of Mull 13th June 1859, died 2nd Nov. 1946 the beloved parents of MARGARET McINTYRE MURRAY. "The memory of the just is blessed."

[cross, top broken] In loving memory of WILLIAM SOMERS LOTHIAN who died in Montrose on 15th April 1915, aged 66 years. Schoolmaster in this parish for forty-four years He was beloved and respected by all who knew him. MARY LOTHIAN sister of the above died at Brechin 12th Dec. 1941. "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."

In affectionate remembrance of ALEXANDER BAILLIE who died at West Gate, Kinnaird, on the 29th day of June 1898, aged 66 years. Also of his daughters, JANE ANN, who died at Brechin, on the 16th January 1859, aged 4 years. ELIZABETH, who died on the 9th July 1865, aged 3½ years. Both interred in the Cathedral Churchyard, Brechin. Also of his wife MARTHA LINDSAY who died at Eastbank, Brechin, 15th January 1919, aged 87 years.

Sacred to the memory of JAMES MYLES, born 11th July 1842, died at Kinnaird, Christmas Day 1891, aged 49 years. And of his wife ISABELLA ARMSTRONG born 9th January 1843, died at Brechin 11th July 1930. Also of their daughters ISABELLA McEWEN born 5th January 1882, died 8th October 1919. CATHERINE ALICE born 1st October 1872, died 26th May 1950. Also of HELEN ANN last surviving daughter died 20th Jan 1960, aged 82 years. "O how blest are ye whose toils are ended! Who through death have unto God ascended."

In memoriam Erected by DAVID HENDERSON in memory of his wife MARY McARTHUR died 19th Aug. 1921 aged 73 years. Their daughter MARY died 21st May 1892 aged 8 years. The above DAVID HENDERSON died at Newbigging, Inverkeilor 24th March 1942 aged 90 years.

Erected in memory of ISABELLA LESLIE, who died at Scotston, 28th June 1896, aged 66 years. Wife of ALEXANDER SMITH, who died 5th Nov. 1917, aged 86 years. And ANN SMITH, who died 19th Oct. 1923, aged 61 years. All are interred here. Erected by ALEXr SMITH, Arbroath.

[open book] In loving memory of JESSIE A. HANTON, died 11th June 1970 aged 79 years.

Erected in memory of DAVID FIDDES who died at Strathella, 30th Oct. 1901, aged 81 years. And of his wife MARGARET WOOD who died at Strathella, 10th Nov. 1902, aged 87 years. Also their daughter AGNES who died at Mains of Edzell, 19th July 1865 aged 9 years.

Erected to the memory of ELIZABETH GORDON CHRISTIE beloved wife of JOHN BRUCE who died at Powmill, Farnell, 6th April 1901, in the 24th year of her age. Also her father JOHN CHRISTIE who died at Woodend 30th August 1924, aged 84 years. And his wife CATHERINE KIRKLAND 13th January 1927, aged 89 years.

In affectionate remembrance of JAMES BEATTIE, late farmer, Strathella. Who died 22nd Dec 1883 aged 70 years. Also his wife CLIMENTINA MILNE who died 14th Oct. 1906 aged 87 years. Of their daughter LIZZIE wife of WILLIAM SIMPSON who died 24th Nov. 1906 aged 44 years Also of her children ALEXANDER died May 25th 1891 aged 11 months DAVID and LIZZIE who died in infancy TINA who died 17th May 1901 aged 9½ years Erected by the widow and family.

Erected by WILLIAM BEATTIE in loving memory of his daughter MARGARET who died 21st May 1909 aged 13 years. The above WILLIAM BEATTIE died 27th Jan. 1912 aged 61 years. His son GEORGE NICOL died 10th August 1938 aged 43 years. And his wife AGNES NICOL who died on 14th December 1941.

Erected by THOMAS MILLER in loving memory of his wife ELIZABETH SWANSTON who died at Kinnairds Mill, on the 20th April 1897, aged 77 years. And of his son THOMAS who died at Greenock, 16th March 1903 in his 48th year. And is interred there Also the above named THOMAS MILLER who died at North Gate Kinnaird, 11th October 1904, aged 76 years.

[p3040] Erected by ROBERT FENTON, Hong Kong, in memory of his father PETER FENTON, died 20th May 1871 aged 47 years and his mother MARGARET ROBERTSON died 14th June 1906, aged 79 years Also his brother GEORGE FENTON, died 13th January 1875, aged 25 years. "With Christ which is far better."

Erected by JAMES CRABB Gowanhead, in loving memory of his son DAVID who was accidentally drowned in the River South Esk on 6th April 1899, in his 23rd year.

Erected to the memory of JAMES SCOTT, who died at Tillysowl, Kinnaird Park, (9)th April 1882, aged 77 years. Also of his wife JANE STIRLING, who died 19th Oct. 1872, aged 69 years.

[p2492] In loving remembrance of CHARLES NICOLL who died September 17th 1878 aged 55 years. And of his wife ELIZABETH BURNETT who died November 24th 1905 aged 82 years. Erected by their daughter Mrs ALEXANDER BAILLIE. Until the day break and the shadows flee away.

Sacred to the memory of JOHN SEMPLE, farmer, Haughs of Kinnaird, who died 25th September 1893, aged 55 years; and his son JAMES ALFRED, who died 16th June 1862, aged 2 months. Also of his wife AGNES LATTA who died 7th July 1896, aged 59 years. JOHN LATTA SEMPLE for 47 years farmer at Haughs of Kinnaird, died at Adelaide House, Edzell, 13th Feb. 1931, aged 65.
[south] Also JAMES SEMPLE retired farmer formerly of Old Downie Carnoustie, died 13th Dec. 1941 aged 73.

In memory of ANN CRICHTON, wife of JAMES S. OLIVER, who died at Haughs of Kinnaird 8th October 1883, aged 48 years. Their only daughter MARGARET, wife of FREDERICK CARLTON, died at London 7 Sept. 1909. The above JAMES S. OLIVER died at Greenock 23rd May 1921 aged 92 years.

Sacred to the memory of CHARLES ADDISON who died at Kinnaird's Mill 19th January 1883 aged 52 years. Also of ANNIE HOSIE his wife who died at Arbroath 14th February 1910 aged 70 years. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

In loving memory of DAVID HANTON late farmer, Greenlaw, who died 1st Feb. 1886, aged 66 years. Also of his family ALEXANDER, died 5th January 1899, aged 40 years. CHRISTINA, DAVID, and HELEN, who died in infancy. Also of his wife CHRISTINA WEST who died 4th January 1917 aged 95 years.

In loving memory of ALEXANDER CUSHNIE who died 15th March 1918, aged 74 years. Also of his wife JANE HARKNESS who died 13th December 1889, aged 37 years. And of their family WILLIAM who died in Johannesburg, 20th June 1908, aged 24 years. GEORGE killed in action in France, 18th Nov. 1916, aged 29 years. ESTHER WILSON who died 21st June 1921 aged 42 years. Erected by the family.

Erected by WILLIAM BROWN, in memory of his wife JANE SMITH, who died 23rd November 1893, aged 79 years. The above WILLIAM BROWN died at Killin, on the 19th of December 1894, aged 79 years.

Erected by JOHN TAVENDALE sen. in loving memory of his wife ISABELLA FAIRWEATHER who died 9th January 1893 aged 45 years. Also of his second wife ELIZABETH MURRAY who died 4th Feb. 1907 aged 45 years. And of his son JOSEPH who died 12th Jan. 1910 aged 37 years. "Deeply mourned." In loving memory of my husband JOHN TAVENDALE who died on 1st December 1915 aged 68 years.

Erected by JAMES HUTCHISON, in loving memory of his wife MARGARET OGILVY, who died at Carcary Crossing February 19th 1895 aged 70 years.

[p2488; small cross and open book, broken] Safe in the arms of Jesus In loving remembrance of MAGGIE W. SILVER, died at Little Fithie, on the 7th Jan. 1897, aged 7 years.

[p2487] In loving remembrance of JOHN DENHOLM who died at Forebank 27th Oct. 1900, aged 57. And of his wife MARGARET MACLEAN who died 10th July 1894, aged 48 and of their elder son ROBERT MACLEAN DENHOLM hisband of ISABELLA MILLIGAN who died in Glasgow 10th Dec. 1923, aged 50. And of MARGARET C. DENHOLM who died at Arrats Mill 4th Oct. 1929, aged 55. SOPHIA JANE DENHOLM who died at Hawick 30th Aug. 1949, in her 69th year

Erected in loving memory of DAVID O. MARTIN missing at Beaumont Hamel 3rd Sept. 1916, aged 20. And NORA MARTIN who died in a military hospital London 11th May 1918 [in error for 1919], aged 18. Also their mother JEAN ROBBIE MARTIN who died 3rd Oct. 1949. And their father STEWART MARTIN who died 5th July 1950.

[p2486; war grave; in front of preceding stone] 51415 Worker E. MARTIN Q. M. Army Aux. Corps 11th May 1919

In memory of WILLIAM K. YOUNG died 17th Sept. 1941, aged 76. And of his wife ISABELLA KNIGHT died 16th Nov. 1927, aged 62. Their sons JOHN and JIM who were drowned in the River Southesk 14th Aug. 1919, aged 16 and 9. Also DAVID died 19th June 1950, aged 45. Erected by the family.

[cross] To the beloved memory of ROBERT LYON B.A.{Cantab.} who died at Farnell Manse 4th April 1850, aged 52. "Till the day break and the shadows flee away."
[west; p2479] Also of his sister MARY JANE LYON second wife of Reverend T. A. CAMERON, who died 5th Decr 1912.

[cross] In memory of JEMIMA CLARKE or STUART wife of the Rev. T. A. CAMERON died at Farnell Manse, Dec. 23rd 1885. Also of the Reverend THOMAS ALEXANDER CAMERON for 48 years minister of Farnell and honorary chaplain to the king, who died 1st December 1922.

[cross] In honour and in kindly remembrance of ALEXANDER CARNEGIE Erected by the tenantry and employees on the Southesk estates, on which he was for twenty five years factor. Born at Redhall, Kincardineshire, he died at Forebank House, Kinnaird, on 11th November 1902, in his fifty ninth year.

[p2480] In loving memory of THOMAS SEMPLE who died at Farnell Mains 3rd April 1926, aged 89. And of his wife LIZZIE LINDSAY who died at Montrose 20th Feb. 1929, aged 85. Also of their son JAMES SEMPLE who died at Montrose 8th Sept. 1937, aged 70.

[p2481] In memory of ELIZABETH SEMPLE wife of WILLIAM ARNOT, who died at Fithie 13th November 1938, aged 65 years. And WILLIAM ARNOT who died 2nd April 1951, aged 76 years. A. LINDSAY SEMPLE who died at London 16th Dec. 1963 aged 84 years. His wife LIZZIE SEMPLE who died at London 7th Dec. 1973 aged 84 years Daughter ELIZABETH SEMPLE ARNOT 29.11.1915-9.1.2000. wife of J. WILDASH, London

[two small grave markers, each bearing a single letter] D

[p2482] In loving memory of DONALD MACPHAIL who died at Royal Infirmary Inverness 14th July 1932, aged 70 years.

Erected by ALEXANDER FAIRWEATHER in memory of his wife CLEMENTINA CRICHTON who died 17th Aug. 1946. Also of her father DAVID CRICHTON who died 5th Dec. 1938. And her mother CLEMENTINA STURROCK who died Aug. 1903.

In loving memory of KATHERINE HILL ROSS died 30th May 1940 Also her parents JAMES K. H. ROSS died 6th Jan. 1941 and MARY ANN ROSS died 4th JULY 1965

Erected by MARY ANN SKELTON in loving memory of her husband GEORGE THOMSON, Wealthieston, who died 4th April 1950, aged 76 years. And the above MARY ANN SKELTON who died at Wealthieston, 2nd Feb. 1963 aged 83 years.

D In loving memory of our dear son and brother WILLIAM JOHN DUKE died 15th May 1953, aged 29 years. And his father GEORGE HUTCHISON DUKE beloved husband of MARGARET ANN SMITH died 28th April 1964, aged 67 years. Also the above MARGARET ANN died 30th May 1981, aged 87 years. To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

In loving memory of ELIZABETH DUNBAR wife of ROBERT BRUCE died at Whanland Sawmill 3rd Aug. 1940 aged 61 years. The above ROBERT BRUCE died 21st Nov. 1957, aged 79 years. Ever remembered

[at foot of preceding stone] In loving memory of DOROTHY BRUCE died 9th June 1980 beloved wife of the late JAMES PELLOW much loved mother of COLIN, BRUCE and NEIL Forever remembered

In loving memory of our dear son GEORGE B. FOTHERINGHAM who died 9th Feb. 1939, aged 13 years "God be with you till we meet again"

In loving memory of GEORGE BUTCHART BROWN who died at Scotston Kinnaird, 18th January 1931, aged 62. And of his wife MARY CHRISTIE who died at Arbirlot 25th January 1957, aged 86.

In memory of DAVID HADDEN Egypt, Farnell died 25. August 1934, aged 85. And his wife MARY FORBES died 16. February 1946, aged 90. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

To the memory of JOSEPH GRIEVE WATT who died at Woodend Farnell 27th November 1937. And of his wife ELIZA SMART who died 12th May 1955. Also their daughter SUSAN MARY who died 10th July 1969.

In loving memory of JAMES COWIE CUTHILL who died at Craigiebank Argyle Street, Brechin on 15th January 1939 aged 72 years. ANNIE WARDEN AIR wife of above who died at Stracathro 21st March 1953, aged 79 years Also ANNIE AIR CUTHILL who died in infancy. And MAGGIE AIR CUTHILL who died 10th January 1984 aged 87 years.

In loving memory of CHARLES WATSON died 19th March 1965 aged 64 youngest son of the late GEORGE and MARGARET WATSON late of Farnell Sadly missed

W In loving memory of our dear mother JESSIE BLACKHALL WALKER who died 22nd May 1944 and father ALEXANDER WOOD, M.M., who died 20th May 1967.

In loving memory of ALEXANDER CUTHILL who died at Brechin Infirmary 5th June 1941 aged 68 years. And of his wife JANE SMITH who died at Whanland 12th November 1926 aged 56 years.

In loving memory of NORA A. G. PATERSON who died 28th Nov. 1940 aged 9 years. Loved by all.

In loving memory of MAY H. McDONALD who died at Farnell Mains on 29th October 1938, aged 6 years Also her dear father FRANK McDONALD beloved husband of MARGARET FAIRWEATHER died 27th January 1973 aged 65 years. And the above MARGARET FAIRWEATHER died 15th April 1985 aged 74 years. "Safe in the arms of Jesus"

[p2478; leaning against south wall of kirk] Erected by SARAH CHRISTISON in memory of her husband JOHN STRACHAN who died 28th November 1859 aged 47 years Also their son JAMES who died 1st August 1863 aged 22 years Also JOHN STRACHAN who died at Kirkton, Newtyle, 16th Sep. 1875, aged 37 years. The above SARAH C. STRACHAN died at Dundee, 2nd March 1879, aged 64 years, and are both interred in the Eastern Necropolis, Dundee. Also SAMUEL BLACK STRACHAN who died at Brechin, 16th Oct. 1879 aged 30 years, and is interred in the New Cemetery Brechin. AGNES LAWRENCE, daughter wife of JAMES REW died 12th June 1912, aged 65 and is interred in Eastern Cemetery Arbroath.

[p2489] In memory of the Reverend IVO MacNAUGHTON CLARK, B.D., Ph.D. born 1883 died 1950 minister of Farnell 1912-1950. He was a J.P. and F.S.A.{Scot}. Also his wife MARGARET DONALDSON HANTON who died 1st February 1992 aged 100 years.

[p2490] In loving memory of JANE WALLACE beloved wife of JOHN McDONALD Newington House, Brechin, died 21st Nov. 1963, aged 80 years. Also the above JOHN McDONALD J.P. F.E.I.S. died 26th Dec. 1967, aged 83 years. Schoolmaster at Farnell 1914-1949

[p2491] In loving memory of ROBERT MILNE farmer late of Inch of Arnhall Edzell, and Carcary, Farnell where he died on the 5th March 1948 in his 77th year. And of his wife CATHERINE JANE SIMPSON died 17th Feb. 1968 in her 99th year.

Sacred to the memory of ALEXANDER ERSKINE BLACKIE died 1st April 1933, aged 49 years. Also his wife MARGARET FINDLAY BARCLAY died 20th Feb. 1962, aged 79 years.

[M1] Erected by the surviving family in memory of their father WILLIAM CROAL, who died 18, Aug. 1868, aged 70 years. Also his sons. JOHN who died in Oct. 1840, aged 2 years. JAMES who died in Dec. 1848, aged 13 years. JAMES who died in March 1855, aged 8 months. Also of their mother MARGARET CROAL who died the 31st of December 1875, aged 66 years. ALEXANDER CROAL son who died in Australia 1887, aged 37 years. MARGARET HOGG daughter who died in Aberdeen 1893, aged 51 years. DAVID CROAL son who died in Australia 1899, aged 53 years. WILLIAM son died 7th Jan. 1905, aged 67 years.

[M2] 1841 Erected by WILLIAM JEAN and MARGARET JOHNSTON, to the memory of their father WILLIAM JOHNSTON and of their mother AGNES BAIN the former of whom died 21st August 1836, aged 81 years. The latter on 24th April 1831, aged 56 years. And of their family HELEN, who died 6th Decr 1818, aged 4 years. JAMES, who died 16th March 1828, aged 26 years. WALTER, who died 5th June 1831, aged 20 years. CATHERINE, who died 12th Jan. 1831, aged 30 years. And JOHN, who died 29th Jan. 1832, aged 26 years. MARGARET, who died 4th Decr 1842, aged 54 years. WILLIAM, who died 2d July 1844, aged 39 years. And of his wife BETSY THOMSON who died at Brechin 19th March 1882 aged 73 years
[west] To the memory of WALTER SMART, eldest son of WILLIAM SMART and JANE JOHNSTON, who died in Cuba West Indies, Septr 25th 1853 aged 30 years. Also of CATHERINE and FANNY who died in infancy. Also of JANE JOHNSTON wife of WILLIAM SMART who died in Andover Mass. U.S. 1st Septr 1855, aged 57 years.

[M3] This stone was erected by JANET HODGE in memory of hir father and mother, ARTHUR HODGE & JEAN L(AYE)LL late tennant in Muir Mill He died March the 23d 1743 aged 66 year. She died Feberuary the 2d 1739 aged 66 years with tuo of their children viz ARTHUR died May the 14th 1732 aged 21 years. JOHN died in infancy.
[west] pulvis et umbra sumus [on shield:] AH IL 1757; IH MH (B)H AH IH

[M4] 1807 Erected by ELIZABETH BAIN in memory of her husband ...

1863 In memory of HELEN the beloved wife of THOMAS MATTHEW, Station Master Farnell who died 27th April 1858, aged 39 years. Also of his mother-in-law RACHEL CRUIKSHANK 2nd February 1857, aged 74 years. And also of his children viz. ISOBELLA who died 3rd October 18(55), aged 1 year. JAMES who died 14th June 1857, aged 4 years. The above named THOMAS MATTHEW died 23rd June 1871 aged 53 years much respected by a large circle of friends Also his brother-in-law JOHN PATON who died 21st July 1876, aged 46 years. ISABELLA MATTHEW wife of JOHN FRASER died 26th August 1880 aged 24 years. ISABELLA PATON wife of the above JOHN PATON died 14th August 1892 aged 71 years. He giveth his beloved sleep.
[Note on above: Thomas Matthew's wife was HELEN CRUIKSHANK; her mother was RACHEL MILNE; John Paton's wife was ISABELLA CRUIKSHANK]

[p2493, p3041] Erected by JOHN DAWSON and family, in memory of his wife JEAN DONALDSON, who died at Gowanhead 17th Sep. 1871, aged 68 years. And of their daughter BETSY, who died in infancy. And is interred in the church yard of Coul. The above JOHN DAWSON, who died at Gowanhead 14th Feb. 1899 aged 76 years. And of WILLIAM JAMIE who died at Woodend, Farnell, 13th September 1916, the dearly beloved husband of ELIZABETH DAWSON. Also of JAMES, son of the above JOHN DAWSON, who died at Woodend 11th November 1918, aged 76 years.
[west] Also of ELIZABETH DAWSON wife of the said WILLIAM JAMIE, died at Woodend 31st May 1926, aged 88 years Also of her niece JANE MOLLISON DAWSON wife of JAMES MYLES who died at Woodend 17th February 1927, aged 68 years. Also of the above JAMES MYLES, who died 25th July 1928, aged 75 years. Their youngest daughter ANNIE D. MYLES, died at Woodend 26th April 1954, aged 63 years.

[M5] Erected by ALEXANDER LAW, blacksmith, Brechin, in memory of his father JAMES LAW, who died 29th June 1851, aged 58 years. And his mother JANET HUNTER, who died 16th May 1883, aged 92 years and 5 months. Also of his grand-father ROBERT LAW, and his grand-mother MAGDALEN DALGETY, who are all interred here.

[M6; obelisk] In memory of WILLIAM LAW who died at Greenlaw 3rd December 1857 and his wife BETTY FERRIER died 7th June 1830 Also his second wife ANNIE LOW died 14th August 1862 HANNAH LAW died 1st May 1858
[south] Erected by his surviving sons JAMES LAW Innellan WILLIAM LAW New York and PETER LAW Chicago 1888
[north] JAMES S. LAW, died at Kirn, Oct. 1897. PETER LAW, died U.S.A. May 1898.

[p2494, p3042; cross] In memory of DAVID KINNEAR HALL born at Montrose 1st July 1831, died at Fithie 11th May 1869. Also his son DAVID MITCHELL HALL, born 25th April 1861, died 11th July 1863.

1896 In memory of GEORGE REID, who died at Farnell, 3rd July 1875, aged 50 years. Also of his daughters, JANE ANN, who died 26th September 1856, aged 5 years. MARY, died at 10 Drumsheugh Gardens Edinburgh 9th March 1907 and of his wife JANE RUXTON who died at Montrose 22nd August 1914, aged 85 years. Also of his daughter CATHERINE who died in Edinburgh 22nd October 1919. And also of his daughter HELEN, who died at Montrose 18th December 1947, aged 80 years.

[M7] This stone was erected by JOHN COBBAN shoe maker in Greenden and MARY COULLIE his spouse in memorie of their only son WILLIAM COBBAN who died Ianry 11 1782 aged 26 years.
[west] pulvis et umbra sumus; ... / Who ... ...il it gr... / And spars the witherd tree

Erected by MARY MITCHELL, in memory of her husband JOHN HILL, who died at Gateside, Farnell, on the 1st December, 187(8), in the 59th year of his age. The above MARY MITCHELL, died 11th September 1907, aged 87 years. Also of their daughter MARY who died 27th July 1927, aged 72 years. "Blessed are the pure in heart."

[M8] 1866 Erected by JANNET SCOTT in memory of her husband JOHN GORDON who died 15th April 1862 aged 87 years. Also of ELIZABETH STEWART CHRISTIE who died 11th May 1849 aged 5 years. And of DAVID GORDON JOHNSTON who died 16th May 1849 aged 2 years. Also of the said JANNET SCOTT who died 23rd Augt 1867 aged 86 years. And of HELEN GORDON daughter of the above JOHN GORDON & JANNET SCOTT who died 1st Sepr 1896 aged 79 years.

[M9] 1860 Sacred to the memory of JOHN MITCHELL blacksmith Fithie who died 7th March 1857 aged 73 years. And ANNE FLEMING his wife who died 21st Dec 1859 aged 77 years. And of their family viz JANET who died 3d June 1833 aged 18 years. JAMES who died 14th July 1833 aged 16 years. JOHN who died 25th March 1852 aged 28 years. ANNIE died 18th March 1865 aged 47 years.

[M10] 1840 Erected by JOHN WALKER in memory of our parants; MA AL Go... 1840; W W W W W; JOHN WALKER deyed 21 Feb ... MARGET PETER deyed (1) Aug ... both interred her ... of ...
[west; skull, bones] D...

[p2458; cross] In memory of WILLIAM CARNEGIE, of Dunlappie who died Nov. 6, 1893, aged 90 years. Also of his first wife SUSAN MACKAY, who died at Fithie Nov. 14, 1859, aged 56 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
[p2459, p2507; south] Also in memory of MARGARET URQUHART ELGIN second wife of WILLIAM CARNEGIE who died at Edzell, Mar. 7. 1899 aged 77 years. And of their son FORBES CARNEGIE who died at Penang, Aug. 20. 1899 aged 34 years.
[p2460; north] Also of their sons DAVID, & HENRY, who died in infancy.

[M11; p761, p2443-4; almost entirely defaced; completed from Jervise Epitaphs, vol. 1, p. 90; arms of Carnegie] [Sepulchrum Mstri DAVIDIS CARNEGY de Craigo, decani Brichinen:, rectoris hujus ecclesiæ, qui primo fuit ecclesiastes Brechinen: annos 2, postea hujus ecclesiæ pastor fidelissimus annos 36, qui placide ac pie in Domino obdormivit anno Dom. 1672, ætatis suæ 77. In hac urna simulcum eo recubant prior ejus uxor HELENA LINDESAY, ac decem eorum liberi. Placuit hic inscribere] anagramma [a seipso c]ompositum.
[Grandis Jesu, duc me Gr]atia.
Dum dego in terris expectans gaudia coeli,
Me ducat semper tua Gratia, Grandis Jesu.]

[M12; p760, p762, p2442] 1829 Sacred to the memory of the Reverend JAMES WILSON, minister of Farnell, who died on the 18th of October 1829, in the 74th year of his age, and the 52nd of his ministry justly and universally regretted by all who knew him Also to his two sons, JAMES and GEORGE, the former of whom died an infant, the latter in the 22nd year of his age; Also to his mother ANN BURNETT, and his sisters, MARGARET and CATHERINE, all of whom are interred here.

[M13; p2495, p3043] Heir lyes ROBERT HALL who depared this lif 1706 of age 40 Also heir lyes his 3 sons JOHN dpt 1696 his age 1 ROBERT dpt 1697 [buried]
[west; p2497] Memento mori (I)H RH; RH IP; ... depart / ... ...s ...s spent on eart

[M15; p2496] 1860 Erected in memory of JOHN ADDISON, farm-servant, who died at Kinnaber 31st of August 1859, aged 92 years. And his wife MARY ANDERSON, who died at Carcary on 11th May 1803, aged 30 years. Also his second wife ISABELL ADDISON, who died at Howmuir on 3rd May 1850, aged 87 years.

[M16] ...
[west; p2500] DO EW ; IO IO IO ; ... sons to DAVID O...AD ... 1699 ... 1704 his age 15 ... 1714 his age 13

[M17; p2498] Hear lyes ISOBEL SUTTER daugter to DAVID SUTTER and ISOBEL PYOT who died the 1st of November 1734 aged 6 months Repaired and relettered 1896.
[west; p2499] Stoop passenger for hear doth ly / a pleasent jeuel of sueet infancy / a harmless babe yt only came & cryd / in baptism to be washd from sin & dyed

[M18; p763-4] Sacred to the memory of DAVID LYALL, Esquire of Gallery, who was born at East Carcary in February 1733. But who left Scotland and went to Gottenburgh in 1757, where he resided as a merchant, till 1787 when he returned to his native country, to enjoy the fruits of his industry and the society of his relations and friends. He was much respected for his integrity, benevolence and charity and died upon the 29th December 1815, in the 83rd year of his age.

[M19; p2446] Sacred to the memory of JAMES LYALL farmer Mains of Gallery, who died the 27th Feby, 1808, aged 72. And of his wife SUSANNA BURNESS, who died 16th June, 1836, aged 68. Also their daughter ISABELLA who died the 3d Jany 1815, aged 10. Two children died in infancy and are buried at Pert, DAVID, in 1797; and HARRIET, in 1803. Also MARGARET who died 14th June 1846 aged 45 years

[M20; p2445] Sacred to the memory of DAVID LYALL, tenant in Arrat who died 30th May 1841; aged 34. And of ELIZABETH LYALL his wife, who died at Arrat on the 26th March 1877 in her 68th year.

[M21; p2978] 1818 Erected to the memory of JAMES GIBSON who was born 22nd March 1719, and died 16th February 1817. Also of MARGARET LYALL his spouse who was born in July 1731, and died in August 1786. And of DAVID GIBSON their son who was born 8th April 1760 and died in his seventh year.

[M22; p2979] Erected by CATHERIN YOUNG in memory of her husband JOSEPH ROSS late auctioneer in Brechin who died on the 26th December 1848 aged 67 years. Also of his spouse CATHERIN YOUNG who died 12th October 1850 aged 77 years.

[M23; p2980] Erected by JOHN DUNDAS sometime tenant in White Myre of Auldbar in memory of his spouse MARY YOUNG, who died 27th Decr 1853, aged 68 years. Here lies also the body of the said JOHN DUNDAS, who died 26th August 1864, aged 77 years. Also in memory of DAVID YOUNG, who died 27th Novr 1859, aged 83 years.

[p2981] 1904 Erected by MUNGO MACDONALD in memory of his beloved wife MARJORY CRUICKSHANKS who died at Tillysole, 12th Dec. 1903 aged 6(3) years. Also of MARY WILSON who died at North Gate, 28th May 1882, aged 24 years. The above named MUNGO MACDONALD died at Red Cottage Kinnaird, on 11th August 1911, aged 70 years Until the day break and the shadows flee away

[M24; p2982, p3039] JOHN LAMB ELSPET ...R Blessed are they who die in the Lord / for their ... / In God ... / To ... / And ... / A... ... / The ... / No f... ... death ... / And ...

[M26; p2447] In memory of ROBERT LYALL, factor on the estate of Southesk from 1817 to 1850, born at Carcary, 27 Novem. 1778, died at Arrat, 13 January 1863. Of his wife ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, who died 25 April 1832, aged 52 years; and of his second wife MARY BROWN, who died 11 June 1854, aged 59 years.
[south; p766-7] ROBERT LYALL born at Carcary, 20 Dec. 1814, died 23 July 1900. Also his wife MARY AITCHISON born 31 May 1834, died 11 Nov 1927. ROBERT born at Carcary, 15 April 1854, died 23 Oct. 1894. JOHN born 23 April 1855, died 30 April 1864 MARY AITCHISON or SHEARER born 27 Sept. 1856, died 27 Nov. 1891. ELIZABETH CAMPBELL LYALL born 16 Feb. 1858, died 14 Oct. 1924 WILLIAM HUGH LYALL born 27 Nov. 1860, died 18 April 1925. DOUGLAS LYALL, died at Buenos Aires. ALEXANDER LYALL, died at Los Angelos U.S.A.
[west; p765, p2448] HORACE LYALL died 13. June 1941. EDITH ROSE REYNOLDS died 1951. ARCHIBALD FLETCHER LYALL died 1952. SOPHIA LOUISA HUDDART died 1953.

[M27; p2984; cross] In loving memory of my husband ROBERT CHARLES LYALL died October 23rd 1894 aged 40. "Rest in the Lord"

[M29; p2985, p3037] 1802 Erected by WILLIAM SCOTT black smith in Montrose in memory of his father THOMAS SCOTT black smith sometime in Little Carcrie who died the ... of June ... years and KATHRINE MILNE [buried]

Erected by the surviving members of the family, in memory of JOHN BROWN, who died at Kinnaird on 6th Aug. 1862 aged 70 years. And his wife ELIZABETH RAE, who died on 13th March 1858 aged 59 years. And of their children four who died in infancy. And also ALEXANDER, who died at Glasgow on 4th April 1862 aged 34 years. MARY, who died at Partick on 10th Feb. 1866 aged 26 years. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord"

[p2476, p3045] W In loving memory of our mother MARGARET MURRAY died 9th Oct. 1935, aged 44. Also our father WILLIAM WRIGHT died 18th Aug. 1950, aged 69.

[fallen, face down; ca. 1830?]

1869 Erected by JAMES DUNCAN and JANET ROSS his wife in memory of their family. JANET who died in infancy. MARY JANE who died 14th July 1869, aged 16 years. The above JAMES DUNCAN died 28th Jan. 1881 aged 58 years. The above JANET ROSS died March 1899 aged 74 years.

[M30; p3044] Erected by JAMES H, and ELIZABETH L, DORWARD, in memory, and over the graves of their beloved parents, WILLIAM DORWARD, and MARGARET ADAM, who both died at Kinnaird, the former on the 29th March 1839, and the latter on the 6th March 1825.

[M31] In memory of THOMAS SMITH tenant in Haughs of Kinnaird who died there on 22nd December 1835, aged 67 years. Of HELEN GRAY his spouse who died at Cupar Fife on 4th January 1858, aged 83. And of their children, WILLIAM died on 21st September 1845, aged 39. JAMES died at Moulmein, India on 2nd March 1854, aged 47. THOMAS drowned at sea in July 1835, aged 24. ROBERT drowned off Broughty Ferry, on 5th July 1849, aged 32. GEORGE died at London, on the 8th November 1858, aged 48. ELIZABETH {MITCHELL} died at Edinburgh, on 23rd February 1880, aged 72. MARGARET {BROWN} died at Edinburgh, on 27th December 1879, aged 59. JOHN died at Woolley, Berks, on 26th August 1888, aged 75. CHARLES died at Deal, on 24th November 1897, aged 81. HELEN {LANDALE} died at Edinburgh, on 3rd November 1899, aged 87. AGNES died at Edinburgh on 9th January 1900, aged 95. JANE ANNE {RUSSELL} died at Edinburgh, on 16th June 1910, aged 86.

[M32] Erected by JAMES and DAVID TAYLOR, in memory of their father JAMES TAYLOR, who died 3rd Sep. 18(3)2 aged 55 years. And their mother MARGARET WILL, who died 23rd March 1862, aged 83 years. Also their two brothers ALEXANDER, who died 21st June 1858, aged 50 years, JOHN, who died 11th Jan. 1841, aged 26 years, and their sisters ANN, who died 3rd April 1845, aged 25 years, GRACE who died 11th Feb. 1875 aged 67 years.

[M33; p2477; fallen, face up] Erected by the surviving family in memory of their parents DAVID LINDSAY, who died 6th August, 1876, aged 77 years. ANNE STEELE, who died 9th January 1841, aged 37 years. Also of their son JAMES who died 19th July 1843, aged 9 years.

[M35; p3036] 1816 Erected by the Reverend ANDREW FERGUSSON minister of Maryton in memory of his grand-father the Reverend DAVID FERGUSSON, who was admitted minister of Farnell ... 1716 and died in 1751, his father the Reverend DAVID FERGUSSON who succeeded him in the above year, ... died in 1793 ... interred their spouses, [defaced] and JANET MITCHELL [defaced] of their children ... stars for ever ...

[p2462] Sacred to the memory of CHARLES FERGUSON farmer at Willanyards for 24 years, died 29th Oct. 1901, aged 68. "Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him." Also of his wife HELEN MYLES who died at Ravenswood, Forfar 31st August 1922, aged 73, and is interred in Liff Churchyard. Also their son CHARLES HENRY FERGUSON died at the Temperance Hotel, Forfar 16th January 1951, aged 64. DAVID FERGUSON engineer, died at Willanyards, 26th June 1902, aged 66.

[p2463] Erected by JOHN FERGUSON, farmer, Woodside, & his wife MARY to the memory of their daughter MARY who died on the 15th of November 1869 aged 31 years. The above JOHN FERGUSON, farmer, Woodside, who died 15th October 1877, aged 69 years. And his wife, the above MARY MYLES, who died at Willanyards, 8th March 1887, aged 84 years. Also their son JOHN, farmer, Woodside, who died on the 18th April 1894, aged 52 years.

[p2464] In loving memory of JOHN FERGUSON, farmer, Woodside, who died 18th April 1894, aged 52 years. Also of his wife JANE GOODLET HENDERSON who died at Willanyards, 22nd August 1925, aged 75 years. And of their family, GOODLET, who died 8th January 1925, aged 37 years. MARY, who died 22nd February 1923, aged 52 years. LEONARD MASSON FERGUSON who died at Forfar 4th Oct. 1946, aged 56 years. CHARLES FERGUSON died at 50 City Road Brechin 27th June 1950, aged 71 years. Also in memory of RONALD FERGUSON died 30th April 1963 at Bolton aged 70 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

[small marker] L.M.F. 1946

[p2465; small shield] In loving memory of father and JIM.

[p2466; obelisk] The Rev. HENRY BREWSTER died Dec. 1st 1866, aged 60. For 33 years minister of this parish.
[south] His wife MARY JANE VALENTINE, died Oct. 31st 1862, aged 47.

[p2467] In memory of GEORGE DAVIDSON died Dec 1915 beloved husband of ISABELLA CRAIG died Oct 1940 Also their son ALEX died June 1916 Also their son-in-law GEORGE LEMON died 9th Feb 1992 beloved husband of BESSIE died 23rd Feb 1999

[p2468] Erected by JAMES CUTHILL in memory of his wife ANNABELLA EDDIE who died 2nd April 1913 aged 24 years. Also of the above JAMES CUTHILL who died at Kilnhill, Laurencekirk 19th Oct. 1929, aged 64 years.

[p2469-70; pillar] Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM KEITH farmer, Strathella who died June 28th 1912 aged 68 years. And of his wife ELIZABETH FIDDES who died 28th March 1932 aged 80 years.

[p2471] Erected by ANNIE YOUNG in memory of her husband ROBERT STEWART who died at East Gate Kinnaird, 11th March 1911, aged 61 years. Also of the above ANNIE YOUNG who died 1st June 1931, aged 78 years. "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."

[M36; p2472, p2990] Erected by WILLIAM SIEVWRIGHT in memory of his father JAMES SIEVWRIGHT, late wright at Red-ford who died 20th Sept. 1836, aged 49 years. Also of his family, MARGARET, born 26th May, died 29th Oct. 1851. WILLIAM SMITH, born 5th Aug. 1853, died 26th Aug. 1856. CATHERINE SMITH, born 18th Dec. 1847, died 28th Sep. 1874. The above named WILLIAM SIEVWRIGHT died at Woodend, 21st June 1898, aged 86 years. Also of his wife ISABELLA STRACHAN died at Woodend, 5th June 1904, aged 91 years. They all sleep in Jesus.

Erected by his family to the memory of WILLIAM FELL who died 1(8)th May, 1859, aged 61 years. And of his wife ELIZABETH YOUNG who died 8th September, 1874, aged 74 years. Also their daughter AGNES who died 1st January 1838, aged 9 years.

[M37; p2473] 1878 Erected by ANN DUCAT, in memory of her husband WILLIAM ROBERTSON, who died at Farnell Mill, 5th March, 1877, aged 83 years. Also of their son PETER, who died 9th December, 1877, aged 29 years. And of the above named ANN DUCAT ROBERTSON, who died at Farnell Mill, 2nd February 1898, aged 86 years. "Nothing in my hand I bring, Simply to thy cross I cling." DAVID ROBERTSON son of the above WILLIAM and ANN ROBERTSON, born at Farnell Mill 17th May 1843, died at Monifieth 30th November 1924.

[M38; broken in two; upper half] 1865 Erected by WILLIAM ROBERTSON miller Farnell in memory of his wife MARY BRUCE who died 3rd Nov. 1832 aged 40 years. And of his children [hidden by stone]
[p2474; lower half] And ROBERT who died [hidden by stone] aged 7 years. Also of his children (by) ANN DUCAT his second wife ANDREW who died 2nd Jan. 1838 aged 6 months. ANDREW who died 14th Nov. 1842 aged 1 year. SUSAN who died 27th Oct. 1845 aged 5 years. ROBERT who died 11th June 1864 aged 17 years. And of their grandson WILLIAM COUTTS who died 6th May 1858 aged 1 month. Also JANE ROBERTSON his mother who died in Liverpool 11th Feb. 1872 aged 39 years.

[M39; p2475] In memory Sacred to the memory of ALEXANDER ROBERTSON who died at Farnell Mill, on 14th Nov. 1913, aged 75 years. Also of his daughter LIZZIE who died 16th Sept. 1880, aged 11 months. And of his wife CATHERINE DAVIES who died at Monifieth 10th November 1917, aged 75 years. His daugher HELENA ROBERTSON died at Monifieth 27th June 1954, aged 81.

[p2993] Sacred to the memory of GEORGE DICKER, who departed this life at Kinnaird 15th Novr 1859, aged 30 years. A loving husband and an affectionate father. Also of EMILY his daughter, who died 17th Jany 1856, aged 14 months. Also of his wife SARAH SPURLING, who died 27th Octr 1862, aged 34 years.

[p2992] Erected by WILLIAM EDDIE in loving memory of his wife ANN LOW who died at Hillhead Carcary 12th Jan. 1919, aged 54 years. The above WILLIAM EDDIE died at Mains of Melgund 9th Sep. 1934, aged 76 years.

[M46; p2991] Erected by EMILY & JANE ALEXANDER in memory of their parents. JAMES ALEXANDER, who died 24th June, 1852, aged 56 years. ELIZABETH LOW, who died 28th Feb. 1867, aged 66 years. Also of their brothers & sisters. WILLIAM, who died 17th Jan. 1830, aged 1 year 8 months. ANNIE, who died 7th April 1845, aged 22 years. DAVID, who died 27th Aug. 1864, aged 26 years. JAMES, who died 9th Feb. 1871, aged 45 years. CHRISTINA, who died 6th Feb. 1872, aged 39 years. The above EMILY ALEXANDER died 9th Nov. 1901, aged 69 years, and was interred here. Also of ELIZABETH ALEXANDER or KENNY died 4th October 1921, aged 87 years, and was interred here.

[p3007] Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH WILL wife of DAVID McINTOSH who died at Tillysole, Kinnaird, 12th Dec. 1917, aged 62 years. Also of their son Private ALEXANDER McINTOSH who died at Etaples, France 24th May 1918, aged 22 years. And their grand-child ELIZABETH AGNES McINTOSH who died at Tillysole, Kinnaird 17th Nov. 1918, aged 18 years. Also the above DAVID BROWN McINTOSH died at 43 Barclay Street Stonehaven 26th Feby 1927, aged 80 years.

[M47; p2453, p3006] In memory of JAMES WHAMOND, crofter Muirside of Kinnell, who died 12th December 1860, aged 73 years. And of his wife BETTY WILSON, who died 25th November 1856, aged 58 years. Also of WILLIAM WHAMOND, their fourth son, who died October 1847, aged 16 years. DAVID WHAMOND, their eldest son who died at Philadelphia 30th April 1874 aged 52 years. ISABELLA their eldest daughter died at the U.F. manse Lamlash Arran, 3rd January 1902, aged 73 years. Interred in Eastern Necropolis Dundee. Erected by their eight surviving children Anno 1861.

[M48; p3005] 1853 In memory of WILLIAM ROBERTS, millar Kinnairds Mill for 32 years who died 31st August 1849, aged 68 years. And of his wife ELIZABETH GUTHRIE, who died 22nd November 1847 aged 65 years. Also of their son JAMES ROBERTS, who died at Perth 14th July 1832 aged 22 years. And WILLIAM who died at Glasgow 20th August 1844, aged 38 years. Erected by their surviving family as a tribute of respect for their parents.

[p2452, p3004] Erected by GEORGE SMITH in loving memory of his wife JANE NORRIE died at Whanland Farnell 9th Nov. 1911, in her 46th year. Also their son ROBERT who died in infancy. The above GEORGE SMITH who died 12th April 1944 aged 82 years. Gone but not forgotten.

[p2451, p3003] Erected by ROBERT NORRIE farmer, Whanland, in memory of his daughters, MAGGIE who died at Egypt, Farnell, 1st June 1886 in her 8th year. JANE who died at Whanland 9th November 1911, in her 46th year. The said ROBERT NORRIE who died at Whanland 29th March 1916, in his 73rd year. Also of his daughter MARY, wife of JAMES WALLACE, who died at North Mains Baldovan 30th September 1918, aged 37 years. ISABELLA McFARLANE wife of the above ROBERT NORRIE died at 1 St. Peter St. Dundee 18th May 1920, aged 75 years.
[north; p3002] Also JAMES WALLACE died 4th April 1962 aged 81.
[south; p3001] JESSIE NORRIE wife of the late JOHN BELL died 6th Nov. 1962 in her 80th year.

[p2450, p3000] 1880 Erected by JANE ROBERTSON, in memory of her husband WILLIAM NORRIE, who died at Crosston, Aberlemno, on the 15th January 1880, in the 62nd year of his age. Also the above named JANE ROBERTSON, who died at Whanland, 16th December 1903, in her 84th year

[p2455, p3011] Erected by GEORGE EASTON in memory of his beloved wife MARY EVANS, who died at Meanecht, Echt, Aberdeenshire, 18th Octr 1879, aged 50 years. Also GEORGE EASTON farmer, Candy, died 19th Dec. 1901, aged 83 years.
[south; p3012] Their son GEORGE EASTON died at Hillhead of Burghill 15th July 1925, aged 76.

[M34; p2461] Sacred to the memory of Dame CHRISTIAN DOIG relict of Sir JAMES CARNEGIE Bart. of Southesk, died Novr 4th 1820, aged 91 years.

[M40; p2986] Erected to the memory of Mr JOHN RUXTON, Mains of Farnell, who died on the 5th Jan. 1833, in the 50th year of his age. And of his family, DAVID and SUSAN the former of whom died on the 8th April 1826, in his 10th year, and the latter, on the 28th June 1840 in her 22nd year. JAMES, farmer, Powmill, who died 18th Decr 1844, aged 26 years. JOHN, distiller and merchant, Brechin, who died 22nd May 1847, aged 24 years. And of Mrs ANNE MUSTARD, his wife, who died 16th Novr 1842, aged 50 years.

[M41; p2987] In memory of ELIZABETH-ANNE RUXTON, who died 11th Septr 1858, aged 8 years; eldest daughter of WILLIAM RUXTON, farmer, Farnell, and CATHERINE COLVILLE, his wife. Also of their sons, JOHN and CHARLES, who both died in infancy. Here likewise lies the above named CATHERINE COLVILLE who died 22nd April 1866 aged 42 years. Also the above named WILLIAM RUXTON who died 19th April 1877 aged 63 years. "Until the day dawn."

[M42; p2988] 1835 Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM JOHNSTON who departed this life on the 13th March 1819 aged 81 years. Also of his spouse MARGARET WILLIAMSON who died on the 12 May 1820 aged 83 years. And are both interred here. They had nine children four of whom died in infancy. JANE their daughter and three of her children lie here. JAMES died at sea. MARY, CHARLES and JANET survive at this date. This stone was erected by their daughter JANET widow of WILLIAM THOMSON mer... [buried]

[M43] ...
[west; p769] ID EB 1729; ID DD ID MD; ED ID AD MD; My days are swifter then a weavers shuttle Job the 7 & 6 I have cut off like a weaver my life Isaiah the 38 & 12 The weavers art it is renowned so that rich nor poor without it cannot (g)[o]

[M44; p2996] Erected by ALEXANDER JOHNSTON Muirside of Kinnell in memory of his spouse HELEN STEELE who died 27th August 1852, aged 78 years. And of their children viz. ALEXANDER who died 1803, aged 5 years. WILLIAM who died in infancy 1806. JAMES who died 1818 aged 18 years. JOHN who died 1819 aged 18 years. The said ALEXANDER JOHNSTON died 11th August 1862 aged 87 years.

[M45; p2449, p2994] 1885, Erected by JAMES KENNEDY, of New York, U.S.A. in memory of his father who died in the year 1847, aged 51 years. Also of his brothers, DAVID, died March 1851. JOHN STEWART, died March 1871. The above named JAMES KENNEDY died Oct. 1898. The three last died in U.S.A.

[M49; p2999] Erected by ANN DYKER, in memory of her parents COLIN DYKER, who died 6th August 1791, aged 53; ELIZABETH DEUCHAR, who died 15th Jany 1822, aged 76; And of their children viz. MARY, who died 18th Augt 1792, aged 21 years; JOHN, who died 8th Octr 1800, aged 25 years; DAVID, who died 20th June 1804, aged 26 years; WILLIAM, who died 27th March 1804, aged 20 years; JAMES, who died 27th March 1815, aged 28 years; and WILLIAM, and DAVID, who died in infancy.

[M50; p2998] 1881 Sacred to the memory of PETER FIFE, farmer, Egypt, who died 20th September 1878; aged 82 years. And of JANNET STRACHAN his wife, who died 25th May 1880; aged 77 years. Also of their son ANDREW who died 14th January 1865; aged 25 years. Also of their grandchildren ALEXINA and JENNIE who died in infancy. Also of their sons, JAMES died 18th July 1900, aged 68 years. ROBERT died 24th July 1904, aged 68 years. Also of MARY WILL, wife of ROBERT FIFE, died 26th Jan. 1898. And of their daughter MARY died 12th Aug. 1934, aged 91 years. And their son ALEXANDER died 27th March 1919, aged 73 years. Also JEAN wife of JAMES FIFE died 30th Nov. 1921 aged 82 years.

[M51; p2997] Erected by WILLIAM FIFE Esq. of Slatefield; PETER FIFE, tenant, Egypt; and JANE FIFE, wife of ANDREW DUCAT, tenant, Barfauld; in memory of their father, GEORGE FIFE, formerly tenant, Whandland; who died 11th Decr 1813, aged 68 years; and their mother JANE FERRIER, who died 18th July 1837, aged 79 years; and of their brothers and sisters viz. JAMES, who died 31st Decr 1787, aged 11 days; JOHN, who died 9th Decr 1806, aged 22 years. GEORGE, who died 24th March 1807, aged 25 years; MARGARET, who died 23rd June 1809, aged 28 years; ALEXANDER, who died 4th July 18.. [buried]

[M52; p3013] 1837 Sacred to the memory of JOHN STRACHAN, sometime tenant in Greenlaw, who died on the 19th March 1809, aged 36 years. JANET RUXTON his spouse, who died on the 13th January 1837 aged 62 years, also of their sons ROBERT, DAVID, WILLIAM and JOHN, who all died young, and are interred here.

[M53; p3019] In memory of JAMES REID & MERIA WARD who both died at Farnell Castle. The former on the 8th April 1852 aged 73 years. And the latter on the 8th May 1853 aged 67 years. Erected by their family over the graves of their b... ... ...re(n).

[M54; p3017] Erected in memory of ROBERT ESTON, late tenant in Muirside of Balzordie who died 21st August 1856, aged 64 years. Also of his son JAMES who died 28th March 1851, aged 30 years.

[M55; p3016] Erected by JOHN MATHERS in memory of his wife BETTY OGILVY, who died the 2d February 1841; aged 60 years. Also of their son DAVID who died 4th Septr 1836 aged 28 years.

[M56; p3015] 1846 To the memory of WILLIAM NICOL, tenant of Willanyards who died on 19th October 1839 aged 85 years. Also of ISOBEL WYLLIE his spouse who died on 24th August 1842 aged 80 years. This stone is erected by ANN, ALEXANDER, JEAN, and WILLIAM NICOL, their children who are also here interred. ALEXANDER, who died 22. March 1867. aged 73 years. JEAN, who died 15. Sept. 1876. aged 80. WILLIAM, died 2. Apr. 1877, aged 79. ANN, died 19. Sept. 1877, aged 85.

[p3018; cross] In memory of JAMES MITCHELL Tillysole, Kinnaird, who died 21st April 1925, aged 80 years.

[p2989] In memory of ELEANOR E. GOLD died 31st August 1874 aged 3 years.

[p2995] Erected by JAMES MOIR, and MARY MATHIESON, his wife, in memory of her father, JAMES MATHIESON who died 2d December 1863 aged 62 years. Also of her mother JANET JOHNSTON who died 22d February 1874 aged 84 years.

[p2454, p3008] In memory of JAMES WEST HANTON died July 1931 aged 86 years. And of his wife MARGARET BOWICK died 16. September 1942 aged 89 years. Also their eldest son GEORGE who died at his home Reidhall, Stracathro 7. July 1961, aged 82 years.

[p3009] JOHN BOWICK HANTON, born 7th April 1884, died at Portland, Ore., U.S.A., 13th May 1957. Ashes interred here. Also JAMES WEST HANTON, born 1889, died at Washington, U.S.A., 1918.

[p3010] In memory of JAMES EVANS, who died 13th December 1864, and of his wife MARY CLOUDSELY, who died 4th July 1867. And of their daughter ANN, who died 9th January 1858.

[p2456, p3024; obelisk] In memory of JOHN LAWRENCE, born 14th May 1814, died 19th October 1875.

[p3023] Tho lost to sight to memory dear. Erected by the family in memory of their mother MARY ANN DUNCAN or SKENE or DUNCAN died April 25 1895 aged 57. Also Wm DUNCAN Senr died Feb. 1(3) 18(83) aged (78). MARY BROWN or DUNCAN his spouse died Nov. 3. 1886 aged 80. MARIA DUNCAN daughter died Sep. 17. 1859 aged 17. JOHN DUNCAN son died Sep. 21 1869 aged 19. Wm DUNCAN Junr died June 16. 1884 aged 38. ELIZABETH DUNCAN or GARDYNE daughter died May 16. 1896 aged 56.

[M58; p3022] Erected by ROBERT and ALEXr SMITH in memory of their mother KATHARINE FORBES sometime ressedenter in Moorside of Kinnel who died ... 1807 aged 62 years and 4 months, spuse to ALEXr SMITH who died in the Hospital of Montrose ... put in by the parish of Kinnel theree different times Also MARY ... their sister who died 19th June 1811 aged 2(.) ...

[M59; p3021] This stone was erected by ALEXANDER LESSLIE & ISOBEL RENNY in Paddockmyre in memory of his father ALEXANDER LESSLIE sometime in Cadgerglaik who died 26th Feby 1735 aged 39 years & of his mother J... Shand who died 9th April 1766 aged 6(3) years They hed the following children betwext them JANET JEAN ISOBEL the above ALEXr MARY & ELIZABETH Of These JEAN MARY & ELISABETH were alive at this date.

[M60; p2457, p3020] Erected by ANDREW CHISHOLM, in memory of his son WILLIAM, who died 28th Feby 1848, aged 23 years. Also of JAMES, who died 19th Decr 1859, aged 11 years and 9 months. Weep not for me my mother dear, / I am not dead but sleeping here, / My mouldering dust doth cry to thee, / Prepare thyself to follow me. And of ROBERT his son who died at Liverpool 11th November 1862 aged 32 years. Also of BETTY MANN his spouse who died 21st August 1863 aged 56 years. The above named ANDREW CHISHOLM died 29th August 1866 aged 75 years.

[M61; p2501, p3031] Memento mori This stone was erected by HELENA MATTHEW in memory of her husband THOMAS SPENCE late servant to the honourable famely of Southesque He died June. 23. 1764 aged 78 years JOHN died April 15 1740 aged 6 years Also HELENA STEPHEN his first spouse with three of her children viz. JOHN aged 26 years DAVID aged 20 years MARGARET aged 2 years Here lies ISOBEL ANDERSON spuse was to WILLIAM SPENCE at Woodside of Kinnaird, she died 28th Jan. 1797 aged 81 years.
[west; p2502] 1767 THOMAS SPENCE ; HELENA MATTHEW ; StS CoS AlS ; WmS ThS ArS ES ; ... / ... / ... / .hat must eternally be ...

[M62; p3030; Brimner, not Bremner] Erected by HELEN SMITH in memory of her husband JOHN BRIMNER who died 4th of May 1791 aged 75 years & is interr'd here.

[M63] JOHN SMITH ... Greenlaw who died the 4 of Decr 1723 aged 45 His spouse JANNET HONEY who died the 12 of May 1729 aged 60 and their children ALEXr SMITH who died the 6 of Aprile 1730 aged 21 and THOMAS SMITH who died the 1(1) of Aprile 1737 aged 27 years and ELSPET SMITH with HELEN SMITH Under this monument of stone / Ly(e) both the father and the son / Our ... frail ...
[west; p2504] 1738 IS IH

[M64; p3025] Erected by GILBERT SCOTT in memory of his father DAVID SCOTT who died the 25th of March 1830 aged 74 years and also of his brothers to viz JOHN who died the 26th of January 1802 aged 4 years and DAVID who died the 8th of May 1814 aged 27 years Also of his mother ELIZABETH MILL who died the 27th of January 1844 [buried]

[M65; p3033] 1858 Erected by WILLIAM CRAIG, in memory of his wife ANN MAXWELL, who died at Kinnaird on the 2nd April 1851, aged 37 years. The above WILLIAM CRAIG died at Drum, 19th December 1887, aged 86 years. Also his sister MARGARET died at Drum, 29th January 1886, aged 76 yeras. Also his family MARGARET ALLISON died 30th June 1918. JANE ANN died 19th January 1929. ALEXANDER died 7th December 1931.

[M66; p3035] 1877. Erected by WILLIAM & MARGARET GRANT, in affectionate remembrance of their father WILLIAM GRANT, who died 22nd July, 1875, in his 75th years. Also of their sister BETSY, who died 16th Aug, 1863, in her 31st year. And of their brother JAMES, who died 7th April, 1843, in his 9th year. Also of their mother BETSY McCOMBIE, who died at Panmure, on the 21st Nov, 1887, in her 84th year. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."

[M67; p2503, p3032] 1870 Erected by WILLIAM ROBERTSON in memory of his beloved wife JANE HOOD who died 17th September 1868 aged 54 years. And of his son WILLIAM who died 19th September 1854 aged 6 months. The above WILLIAM ROBERTSON died 12th Nov. 1891, aged 78 years.

[p3034] Erected by WILLIAM FRASER in memory of his wife ANN DON who died at Carcary (2)0th March 1863, aged 50 years. The above WILLIAM FRASER died 22nd March 1902, in his 90th year. Also his wife MARGARET McRAE who died 1st February 1903, aged 70 years.

[p3028] Sacred to the memory of ALEXANDER SELBY who died 28th August 187(5) aged 59 years. And of his wife JANET MAXTON, who died 11th May 1893, aged 82 years. And of their daughters JESSIE SELBY, who died 2nd February 1851 aged 3 years Also CHARLOTTE, wife of DAVID SINCLAIR who died at Bushey, Herts, 17th February 1898, aged 47 years.
[north; p3027] Also of their son FORBES, who died 15th May 1901 aged 54 years.
[south; p3026] Also of their son JOHN, who died at Arbroath 12th December 1910 aged 57 years. And of his wife AGNES HARDIE MILLAR who died at Arbroath 26th June 1930 aged (7)2 years


Farnell war memorial, 1914-19
Located at NO628555

Farnell war memorial Albert Cowie
Andrew Eddie
Arthur Grewar
David Hanton
David Hill
William Hill
David O. Martin
Norah Martin
Ronald McDonald
Alexander McIntosh
David Oliphant
Joseph Silver

See also Scottish War Memorials Project: Farnell for more details.


Births, Marriages & Deaths, 1855 to present

Indexes and actual records for Statutory Registers of Births, Marriages & Deaths, beginning 1 Jan 1855, are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.

Births, Marriages & Deaths, before 1855

Indexes and actual records for all extant Old Parish Registers (OPRs) (pre-1855) of the Established Church of Scotland are available online, following registration and the purchase of credits, at the official web-site, ScotlandsPeople.


Church Session Records of Farnell Parish Church

Nature of recordDatesNRS ref. CH2/575/...


Land owners

There were two proprietors of land in the parish in 1791:

There was only one proprietor of land in the parish in 1833:


Estate records

Records of the Carnegies, earls of Southesk - NRAS ref. NRAS792. These are privately held papers.


Farmers / Tenants

Burnside WealthestonDavid Milne-1841-
CarcaryWilliam Doig-1891-1924-
doR. Milne-1928-1942-
EgyptPeter Fife-1841-1878
doRobert Norrie-1881-1901-
doJames Wallace-1906-1910-
doWilliam Black-1914-1916-
doGeorge Black-1918-
doGeorge & Gavin Black-1924-1933-
doWilliam Hadden-1936-1942-
FithieWilliam Mustard-1841-
doWilliam Carnegie-1861-
doDavid Lamb-1881-1891-
doWilliam Arnot-1906-1942-
GatesideDavid Mitchell-1841-1851-
GreendenAlexander Lawrence-1841-1861-
doJames Burgess-1871-
doMary Smith-1891-
doJohn Cobb-1901-1918-
doJ.C. Milne-1924-1942-
GreenlawWilliam Hill-1841-
doRobert Webster-1841-
doJohn Walker-1851-
doThomas Scott-1861-
doDavid Hanton-1881-1886
doWilliam Hanton-1891-1906-
doWilliam S. Adams-1906-1936-
doWilliam Thomson-1939-1942-
Haughs of KinnairdThomas Smith-1835
doJohn Smith-1841-1851-
doJohn Semple-1893
doJohn Latta Semple-1891-1928-
Hillhead of CarcaryThomas Wilkie-1891-
Hillhead of FithieJames Beattie-1851-
Hillside of FarnellJames Duncan-1851-
doJames Milne-1851-
Kinnairds MillGeorge Robert-1851-
Little CarcaryJames Barrie-1881-1891-
doJohn Eaton-1901-
doJ. & A. Cuthill-1906-1916-
doJ. Cuthill-1918-1942-
Little FithieJames Rennie-1851-1861-
doJoseph Adams-1891-1918-
doAdams & Baillie-1924-
doJ. Baillie-1928-1933-
doJ. & J. Baillie-1936-1942-
LochlawWilliam Law-1851-
Mains of FarnellWilliam & James Ruxton-1841-
doWilliam Ruxton-1851-1871-
doThomas Semple-1881-1928-
doJ. Fleming-1933-1936-
doSir John Orr-1936-1942-
Mains of WealthestonJames Weir-1861-
doWilliam Scott-1871-1881-
doJohn Roberts-1901-
MuirsideJohn Walker-1841-
New ForebankJohn Luke-1861-1881-
doWilliam Hill-1891-1906-
doAlexander G. Silver-1910-1918-
doAlexander & Martin Silver-1924-1942-
North WealthestonJohn Morris-1851-1861-
PowmillGeorge Smith-1841-
doJames Ruxton-1844
doJohn Arklay-1851-
doWilliam Salmond-1861-
doJames Moir-1891-
doDonald Fletcher-1910-1942-
ReddenJames Mathers-1851-
RedfordWilliam Sievwright-1881-
doJames Fife-1891-
doJane Fife-1901-
RosehillAllan Morrison-1891-
doThomas Morrison-1901-
StrathellaJames Beattie-1871-1883
doWilliam Keith-1891-1912
doRepresentatives of William Keith1913-1918-
doJames Doig-1924-1942-
Upper WealthestonJames Weir-1881-1901-
doJ.F. Wood-1933-1942-
Wealtheston (Wealthiestone)John Rodger-1841-1861-
doJames Carnegie-1851-
doAlexander Deuchar-1851-
doJames Young-1851-
doWilliam Moir-1871-
doJames Hanton-1881-1924-
doG.L. Hanton-1928-
doGeorge Thomson-1933-1942-
West CarcaryRobert Lyall-1841-1871-
West WealthestonJohn Roberts-1891-


Census records

Records of the official censuses of the parish in 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 and 1921 are held in Register House, Edinburgh and are open to the public on payment of a fee.

Indexes to all the original census records, and the records themselves, can be accessed online at modest charge at ScotlandsPeople.

Microfilm copies are also widely available in libraries. The 1881 census is available on CD-ROM.

The early censuses of 1801-31 do not name individuals.


Population statistics

1755509Dr Alexander Webster
1791620Old Statistical Account

After change of parish boundary:



Testaments & wills

Farnell was in the Commissariot of Brechin.

Indexes to all extant pre-1926 testamentary records (wills & inventories of moveable property) can be searched free of charge at ScotlandsPeople. Digital (and paper) copies of the documents can be purchased at that site. See further the introduction to Angus & Kincardineshire at Testaments.

Testaments of Farnell people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Brechin, 1576-1823
'T' before the date indicates that the copy in the register is lost, but the original testament is extant.

Dame Janet Adamson, Countess Dowager of Southesk 23 Jul and 7 Nov 1683, and 27 Oct 1687
Colin Alisonlate servitor to the Countess of Southesk, thereafter residenter at Farnwell6 May 1754 and 18 Dec 1760
John Allanin Cotton of Wester Futhie, and Katherine Jameson, his spouse, par. of Fernuall1 Feb 1611
John Bainein Easter Futhie, and Isobel Tailzour, his spouse, par. of Fernuall30 Mar 1629
David Bunzounin Burnsyde, servitor to my Lord Southesk, par. of Kynnard15 Aug 1636
Elspet Bunzounspouse to John Jameson, in Carcare, par. of Fernuall19 Feb 1631
Katherine Carnegiespouse to Walter Da, in Nansfurd, par. of Fernuall5 Jan 1626
John Carnochttgardener in Kinnaird, par. of Kinnaird21 Feb 1601
Jean Collinin Meikle-Carcare, relict of Walter Ramsay there, par. of Farnuell11 Aug 1641
John Craikin Mur-Mylis, par. of Farnuell8 Feb 1602
John Cummingin Futhie [?]T. -- 1663
Thomas Dawin Carcarie, par. of Fernuall30 Jul 1638
Dame Christian Doigin Montrose, relict of Sir James Carnegie of Southesk, bart.19 Jan 1821
Isobel Erskinesometime spouse to Thomas Ferrier, in Farnaill24, 26, and 27 Dec 1658
David Fairweatherin Fyfthie24 Jul 1691
Mr David Fergusonminister at Farnell8 Oct 1753
Beatrix Formanspouse to Alexander Mylne, cordinar in Meikle-Carcarie12 Dec 1599
Violet Gardnerspouse to David Windrome, elder, in Hall Carcarie, par. of Fernuall21 Nov 1621
Mr Andrew Geddeslate minister of the Gospel at Farnwell27 Feb and 24 Aug 1719
Christian Gibsonspouse to Walter Merniss, in Fernuall26 Nov 1621
David Goodfellowservitor to the Earl of Southesk, and Janet Gellatie, his spouse13 Mar 1683
Alexander Gouklate tenant in Greenlaw, par. of Farnwell, and schoolmaster at Kinnaird28 May 1760
Elizabeth Grahamrelict of Andrew Lyell of Fithy7 Dec 1694
David Guild of Little Futhieand Elizabeth Grahame, his spouseT. . . 1663 and T. 15 May 1668
James Guildservant in the family of Kinnaird9 Nov 1720
George Guthriein Wester Fethie, and Helen Gibson, his spouse9 Jan 1600
David Hodgein Egypt, par. of Fernuall, and Margaret Pattone, his spouse24 Feb 1630
David Homeservitor to David, Earl of Southesk8 Jun 1639
Agnes Jamiesonspouse to Robert Gray, in Futhie12 Jun 1661
John Jamiesonin Carcare, par. of Fernuall26 Jun 1637
Walter Jamiesonin Mekill Carcare, par. of Fernuall20 Dec 1609
Andrew Johnstonin Egibert of Fernuall, and Christian Kinnear, his spouse, par. of Fernuall23 Jun 1631
Isobel Johnstonspouse to James Taylor, in Fethie, par. of Fernuall25 Oct 1636
Janet Johnstonspouse to Walter Jameson, in Carcarie, par. of Fernuall20 Dec 1609
John Johnstonwobster in Carcarie, and Margaret Laing, his spouse, par. of Fernuall4 Feb 1613
Matilda Johnstonrelict of Andrew Da, in Nanisfurd, par. of Fernuall17 Aug 1629
Mr John Lammy of Little Fithieminister of the Gospel, and Mrs Cecil Graham, his spouse11 Dec 1723
Catherine Lawsonrelict of Thomas Wilson, tenant in Kincoldrum, residing at Cransley, in par. of Farnwell2 Nov 1772
Helen Lindsayspouse to Mr David Carnegie, minister at Fernell27 Oct 1656
Matild Lowspouse to James Wyllie, in Cottoune of Futhe, par. of Fernual16 Dec 1629
Margaret Lucklawspouse to Colin Alison, at Kinnaird18 Jul I739
John Lyalllate tenant in Carcarie1 Jul 1738
Walter Lyallin Wester Futhie, and Sibilla Lambie, his spouse, par. of Fernuall18 Jun 1613
Janet Mearnsspouse to Andrew Johnstoun, servitor to Walter Mearns, in Fernuall29 Oct 1622
Walter Mearnsin Fernuall2 Jul 1635
John Millin Smiddieland of Easter Futhie, and Elspet Hepburne, his spouseT. 1 Mar 1676
John Milnesometime smith in Little CarcaryT. -- 1740
Isobel Mylnespouse to Alexander Mylne, in Carcarie, par. of Fernuall15 Nov 1613
David Neishat the Law of Farnaill, and Barbara Neish, his spouse15 Dec 1658
John Pitcairnin Fernuall16 Dec 1656
Walter Ramsayin Carcarie, and Jean Collin, his spouse, par. of Fernuall24 Jun 1635
Margaret Rankinerelict of John Pitcarne, in Kirkhill of FernallT. 1 Jul 1668
David Ruxtontenant in Farnell23 Oct 1812
Mr John Simelate schoolmaster at Farnwell8 Dec 1738
James Spencein Cottoune of Little Futhie, and Agnes Coull, his spouse28 Aug 1601
John Taylorin Wester Fethie, and Elspet Windrome, his spouse, par. of Fernuall22 Jun 1635
Walter Torrieservitor to Robert Gray, in Carcare, par. of Fernuall24 Sep 1629
Henry Valentinein Mekill Carcaret, par. of Farnuell and Elizabeth Jamesone, his spouse30 Mar 1601
Alexander Walkerin Kinnaird's-miln12 Jan 1719
William Wallacein Mekill Carcary13 Nov 1582
David Windramelder in Little Carcare, par. of Fernuall2 Feb 1629
Margaret Woodrelict of Alexander Beg, sometime in Kirkhill of Fernuall23 Feb 162
Margaret Youngspouse to James Daw, in Carcarie, par. of Fernuall30 Jul 1638

Testaments of Farnell people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of St Andrews, 1549-1800

Charles Carnegie, Earl of Southesk20 May 1707

Testaments of Farnell people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1514-1600

Mr David Carnegie of Kinnairdsher. of Angus5 Feb 1598-9
William Johnstonin Mekill-Carcarie, par. of Farnuel, sher. of Forfar30 Oct 1600
Robert Scottin Mekill-Futhie, par. of Farnall in Angus1 Jun 1594

Testaments of Farnell people from the Register of Testaments of the Commissariot of Edinburgh, 1601-1700

Andro Dain Mausfuird, par. of Farnuall, in Angus3 Jan 1607
Catherine Gardyne (Garden)sometime spouse to Mr William Carnegy of Eister-Fouthie [Easter Fithie], par. of Brechin, in Angus20 Jul 1605
John Howartlate servitor to the Earl of Southesk7 Oct 1685
James Kerin Carcarie, par. of Farnuell, in Angus27 May 1601
John Kerin Carcarie, par. of Farnuell, in Angus4 Oct 1608
William Kerat the Barnes of Farnuell, in Angus27 May 1601
James Ogilvie, Lord of Airliein Farnuell, sher. of Forfar20 Mar 1607


Jacobite rebels - 1745 rebellion
From: A List of Persons concerned in the Rebellion (Edinburgh, Scottish History Soc., vol. 8, 1890)

NamesDesignationsAbodeActs of rebellion
& circumstances
Where at present
John FerriercottarCotton of Little Carcarybeing hired carried arms for the Rebels, & was at the Battle of Culloden &c.Prisoner
David FethesservantWest Fithiebeing hired carried arms for the Rebels, & was at the Battle of Culloden &c.Lurking
David GouckservantEgyptWas hired out & Carried Arms at CullodenLurking
James GraycottarCotton of GowenheadCarried Arms Voluntarly & was at Culloden Battle with the Rebells in the NorthLurking
James RettyservantFarnellCarried Arms being hired out & was at Culloden BattleLurking
Francis WyllieservantPumiln [Powmill]Carried Arms & tho' forced out at first might have escaped, but continued and was at CullodenLurking


Clock & watch tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Farnell & Kinnaird:

NRS ref. E326/12/2/51


Farm horse tax, 1797-8

Images of the original records for Farnell:

Images of the original records for Kinnaird:


Places of interest


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